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Skating is an extreme sport and therefore a dangerous activity. You can reduce risks for yourself and others around you by being responsible and by observing the three steps noted below:

Service & Maintenance

JMKRIDE skates include replaceable components that wear during normal skating. Always inspect your skates before use and make sure all screws and nuts are tight and the wheels spin freely. Always inspect wheels for heavy wear or fissures and cracks in the hub. Inspect deck and truck for sharp edges created through damage or wear. If necessary, remove burs and sharp edges or replace worn wheels or other components before use. Never modify your skates or replace parts with other than genuine JMKRIDE spare parts and wheels.

Protective Gear

Always wear a helmet, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads when skating. Never go without the full protective gear. Make sure your protective gear has the right size. Be aware that even full protective gear can never fully protect you.

Responsible Riding

Ride safely and stay in control at all times. Always inspect the riding surface for suitability before riding. Surfaces must be clean, dry and smooth. Stay off the road or other place with heavy traffic and skate according to local regulations. Always be aware of people and vehicles or other skaters around you in order to avoid accidents. Children should only skate in company of adults.

Note that the seller, distributor, manufacturer, importer, and creators of this product assume no responsibility for damage or injury which may be caused by use of this product whether caused by negligence, accident, or otherwise.